Architecture as a Service

Architecture as a Service

Architecture-as-a-Service: only the benefits, not the burdens

Architecture as a Service is interesting for organizations that want to better communicate their wishes and requirements to IT.

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Quick result

Choose the appropriate support, to shape IT architecture within your organization. Together we will look on the best way to we best improve the IT services. We will determine the actions and what priorities are attached. This way we can get started quickly.

Tailored IT architecture

Architecture-as-a-Service offers full-fledged IT architecture for any organization that cannot afford to employ a full-time architect for all disciplines. This way, decisions can be made in line with developments within the organization.

Why Architecture?

Why does IT Architecture bring the business closer to IT? Architects understand the business and can talk to IT.

Contint ensures effective IT that supports the business well.


What can Contint do for you?

Architecture as a Service makes resources flexible and ensures that the right people are available at the right time.

Contint knows the IT landscape and can help with your issue.


For IT suppliers

As an IT Service Provider, the IT architecture and strategy of your customers is not a core business. If you can support your customer with this, it will provide clarity about the expected projects.



The IT Architects that can also help your organization with your next step. Let's improve the communication between business and IT, in order to remain a flexible organization.