What is IT-Architecture

Why Architecture?

Contint will help business and IT.

Architecture as a Service is usefull for organizations that want to better communicate their wishes and requirements to IT.

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Why IT-architecture?

IT is often seen as a blocking factor when implementating new solutions. They do not want to cooperate, many counter arguments are given as to why something is not possible and the departments are always very busy without noticeable results.

On the other side are the IT departments. Working hard to keep the complex system up and running and to offer IT solutions to employees as best as possible.

New applications are often unclear, unsafe and already purchased. As a result, IT just has to see how they can fit it in, without causing problems.

It's very important to let IT and business work together as a smooth machine, in order to respond more effectively to new developments. IT architecture brings this improvement and is the link between these two worlds.

The architect involves the right people during the design of the new solution. It is very important that the architect retrieves and provides the correct information. A system administrator needs different information, and in a different way, than management.

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When in constant contact with the organization, wishes and requirements are quickly identified. This means there is more time and standards can be maintained. This makes IT flexible and manageable.

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Contint will ensure that a solution is developed step by step, with each in-depth step being coordinated with all those involved. This way, no time is wasted if the design threatens to head in the wrong direction.

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TOGAF is an architecture framework, that has been created based on the experiences of thousands of IT architects. TOGAF supports you in implementing changes.

For large organizations, Contint can work on the basis of the complete TOGAF Framework, for smaller organizations elements of TOGAF can be applied.


The IT Architects that can also help your organization with your next step. Let's improve the communication between business and IT, in order to remain a flexible organization.