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What it means to work at Contint

What will Contint offer?

We offer you a challenging working environment, with the opportunity to grow! You also have the opportunity to help decide where Contint goes.

You are not only excellent at your profession, but you also want to help expand the organization and bring it to a new level.

This can be done by sharing your thoughts, or by taking an active role in various projects to put Contint on the map and improve it.

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Waarom Contint?

What does it mean?

Contint offers you more than just a job. You have an impact on the organization and your working environment. Contint also gives you the opportunity to participate and benefit from the success as a shareholder.



Help us take the next step

As an experienced IT architect, you are of great value to us and our customers and join us in growing the company

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This are our open positions:

Ar you the infrastructure architect that's going to make us even better?

We are looking for an infrastructure architect who can develop the right solutions for our customers. Are you that person?

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We are not aware that we are looking for you

Will you bring exactly what Contint will take to the next level? In addition to working as an architect, do you also want to build a beautiful organization? Then we would really like to have you there.

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This is Contint

A fun organization near Utrecht, but working throughout Europe.

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The IT Architects that can also help your organization with your next step. Let's improve the communication between business and IT, in order to remain a flexible organization.